Series Name : TWILIGHT II

Item Name : 8" profile

Model # : Emerald Home Furnishings

Twilight II - 8" Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress *Conforms to your body & gently contours to your sleeping position *Reduces motion transfers & relieves pressure points *Features: *Cooling Gel - Cooler sleep surface for excellent temperature balance. *Open Cell - Open cell design for increased airflow. *Bamboo Charcoal - Naturally absorbs moisture and regulates humidity. *Twilight II Mattress Specs: *8” Mattress *1” 4lb Cooling Gel-infused visco memory foam *1” 3lb Cooling, Bamboo Charcoal infused, Open Cell visco memory foam *2” 1.875lb PU foam for comfort *3.75” 2lb PU foam for support