Anthem Firm
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Series Name: Anthem Firm
Item Name: Anthem
Model #: Firm
Anthem Firm is an advanced Dura Coil System that is designed with alternating coil alignment that assures a balanced support system, double offset coils in a head to toe fashion eliminate side motion and roll together, double tempering of the steel wire assures durability and long life.

• Foam Encased Perimeter – surrounds the perimeter of the spring system providing edge support. Resulting in 10% more sleep surface.
• Center Zone Gel Infused Memory Foam – this layer reduces pressure points and increases the comfort of the sleep system to your body.  soy based upholstery foams and pocket poly pillow top foams.

• Lycra infused Cover – is knitted with 4 way stretch ticking with a blend of Lycra content.