Encore- Majesty Luxury Firm
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Series Name: Encore- Majesty Luxury Firm
Item Name: Majesty Luxury Firm
Model #: Majesty Luxury

The Majesty Series of quilted, Nano Coil hybrid mattresses is unique, in its design and application of technology. As a quilted luxury pocketed spring mattress, the Majesty Series delivers deep comfort and a total elimination of surface motion transfer. As a hybrid mattress, the thoughtful layering of the high density memory foam replica watches online support layers affords maximum support and conformability.


  1. Super Heavy Weight Panel Ticking Infused with Natural “Tencel” Fibers & Treated with Max Breeze Temperature Control Technology

  2. 100% Natural and Chemical Free Fire Barrier

  3. A Layer of H.D. Mega Soft Soy-Based Quilt Foam

  4. A Layer of H.D. Mega Soft Soy-Based Quilt Foam

  5. A Layer of H.D. Firm Soy-Based Support Foam

  6. High Carbon Steel “Tempered” Nano Coils

  7. A Thick Layer of Specialized H.D. Transitional Memory Foam

  8. Fully Foam Encased & Adjustable Friendly High Coil Density Pocketed Spring Support System

  9. A Thick Layer of Shock Absorbing Base Foam