Encore- Majesty Luxury Firm
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Series Name: Encore- Majesty Luxury Firm
Item Name: Majesty Luxury Firm
Model #: Majesty Luxury

The Majesty Series of quilted, Nano Coil hybrid mattresses is unique, in its design and application of technology. As a quilted luxury pocketed spring mattress, the Majesty Series delivers deep comfort and a total elimination of surface motion transfer. As a hybrid mattress, the thoughtful layering of the high density memory foam support layers affords maximum support and conformability.


  1. Super Heavy Weight Panel Ticking Infused with Natural “Tencel” Fibers & Treated with Max Breeze Temperature Control Technology

  2. 100% Natural and Chemical Free Fire Barrier

  3. A Layer of H.D. Mega Soft Soy-Based Quilt Foam

  4. A Layer of H.D. Mega Soft Soy-Based Quilt Foam

  5. A Layer of H.D. Firm Soy-Based Support Foam

  6. High Carbon Steel “Tempered” Nano Coils

  7. A Thick Layer of Specialized H.D. Transitional Memory Foam

  8. Fully Foam Encased & Adjustable Friendly High Coil Density Pocketed Spring Support System

  9. A Thick Layer of Shock Absorbing Base Foam