Lumina Celebrity Firm
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Series Name: Lumina Celebrity Firm
Item Name: Hybrid Celebrity Firm
Model #: Celebrity Firm

The Celebrity Hybrid Series of luxury pocketed spring mattresses are engineered to deliver deep conforming comfort, superior support and value.

The Celebrity model feature high carbon content “tempered” pocketed spring system which eliminates motion transfer while providing support and comfort to the body’s individual contours.


  1. Heavy Weight Stretch Knit Panel ticking infused with Natural “Tencel” Fibers

  2. 100% Natural and Chemical Free Fire Barrier

  3. A Layer of Super Soft Soy-Based Quilt Foam

  4. A Layer of H.D. Firm Soy-Based Quilt Foam

  5. A Layer of H.D. Firm 

  6. Soy-Based Quilt Foam

  7. Contract Grade Insulator Pad

  8. A Layer of H.D. Firm Soy-Based Support Foam

  9. A Layer of Gel-Infused Memory Foam

  10. Contract Grade Insulator Pad

  11. Fully Foam Encased & Adjustable Friendly High Coil Density Pocketed Spring Support System

  12. A Thick Layer of Shock Absorbing Base Foam